We at The Westcoast understand the importance of the role we play in our community, including the maintenance of a platform and conduit for potential young entrepreneurs and employees.

It is essential for them to have sufficient real life hands-on experience, thus providing the industry with fully trained and qualified young individuals with all round experience, enabling them to slot easily into the forever changing demands of this rapidly growing industry.   With this in mind we have set up WESTCOAST KENT CIC.

Promote and manage the development of local community events 

Provide work place training opportunities in the leisure, events & music sector for trainees and entreprenures 

Increase the level of experience and employability of young people 16-30 yrs and those over 50yrs seeking to start careers in the leisure industry in Margate, Thanet or East Kent or indeed anywhere within the UK

Provide collaborative workspace for the use of local entrepreneurs and new businesses

Provide a multi use training & resource centre in Leisure, Music & Tourism

Develop a pool of local technicians, promoters, administrators, finance, marketing & PR individuals to create, sustain, manage and deliver events across Margate, Thanet & East Kent.

Our Aims

We have created apprenticeship opportunities within our industry and will be recruiting a team of new staff to work under the apprenticeship scheme to assist us in the achievement of our objectives and help to grow our business.

This opportunity will lead to sustainable employment opportunities for successful applicants. Either within our organisation, as an entrepreneur or for other employers. If you are interested in more information on our offer please register your interest below.