Weekenders & Festivals

Westcoast Bar & Grill has establised its community Interest company WESTCOAST KENT CIC

to continue its development and growth of our festival brands

MARGATE MOD & SIXTIES FESTIVAL | MARGATE SOUL WEEKEND | SKAGATE ORIGINAL 60’S SKA REGGAE & SOUL FESTIVAL form a trilogy of events established to provide Margate with a constant reminder of its rich past and its relationship with

British Youth Culture.

Westcoast has been instrumental in forging relationships with major promoters in each field and continue to develop these events in order to make them sustainable & firmly established as  a major part of the continued regeneration of the area.

The team at Westcoast are proud to have made such an impact on the town.

Skagate Festival celebrates the historical connection of Margate to the British Skinhead subculture and its continued relationship with the original late 50’s Jamaican music genre known as Ska. Spread across central Margate this family festival brings together the old and modern genres with Live & Dj performances, fashion, photography and film.

22nd – 25th May Bank Holiday 2015

Great British Music & Culture  are an experienced partnership team developed by Eli Thompson of Margate Soul Weekend & Rob Bailey of New Untouchables, to establish arts events, festivals and club promotions specifically related to British Youth Culture

The legendary Jazz, Soul musician flys in for an exclusive performance with full band at this years big weekend festival.

31st July  – 2nd August 2015